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Paracord Bracelet

Authentic OD Green 550 paracord bracelet with an adjustable buckle. The high quality and tightly wound standard cobra weave of the band gives you access to approximately 8 feet of 550 paracord.


tactful pen

Tactful Pen

This is your new best item in your every day carry (EDC) gear. Welcome to the JP-TAC Tactful Pen in Titanium! This pen is designed for form and function in every way. This is not your typical tactical pen.


Paracord Keychain

Paracord Key Chains

The high strength and durability of paracord make it a very popular choice among many people throughout the world. Paracord is carried by professionals, such as those in the armed forces, firefighters, etc


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“The Tactful (Tactical) Pen & Tool by JP-Tac is an EDC combo that offers an ideal balance of form and function…streamline your EDC while adding functionality and style”

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“The Tactful Pen and The Tactful Tool are two items thoughtfully designed to be carried with you everyday and everywhere. These unique EDC tools are designed using an in depth CNC process and made to be tough.”

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The Gadget Flow

“The Tactful Pen is crafted from 6041 aircraft-grade aluminum and boasts Fisher Space Pen refill, which don’t need to sacrifice when a zombie comes limping at you; there’s a tungsten steel glass breaker for the job, which rightfully, is designed for breaking glass, but it will gladly take an eye off a zombie if the needs arise.  In any survival situation, writing is probably not at the back of anyone’s mind, so you might want to go with the pen-like multitool, the Tactful Tool, instead.”

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